Tax Interview Checklist - Business

The "Shoe Box" Checklist

Please bring the following items to your tax interview:

Business or Schedule C Filers

O Accountants Review Copy of your QuickBooks File (or your manual check registers and  records if not using QuickBooks)
O Year-end Bank Statements for all open accounts, reconciled to books
O Year-end Credit Card Statements for all open accounts, reconciled to books
O Year-end Loan Statements for all loans outstanding during year
O Last Four Quarterly Sales Tax Returns filed (or last one if Annual filer)

If You Have Payroll
O 941's for all four quarters
O 940
O W-3
O Any notices received
O Invoices for any large assets purchased
O All year end tax documents (1099's etc.)
O Any IRS or State notices received

O Auto Mileage (if applicable):
- Description of each vehicle used (Make and Year)
- Total mileage for the year (all miles including personal)
- Number of miles that are Business miles for the year

Business Use of Home (if applicable)
O Total square footage of home
O Square footage of space dedicated to office use only
O Mortgage Interest and Taxes (or Rent) paid for the year
O Utilities (not including phone)
O Repairs and maintenance
O Trash service
O Insurance

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